The Top 5 Advantages of SAP and Salesforce Integration.

The primary advantage of integrating SAP and Salesforce is that it centralizes all of the critical data that decision-makers require, streamlining the entire business process. Businesses that use both the Salesforce CRM and the backend SAP (ERP) to track front-end customer details have a significant advantage in monitoring and maintaining customer relationships. Combining these two platforms improve efficiency, insights, and operational outcomes by leveraging business intelligence. Here are the top 5 advantages of integrating Salesforce with your SAP ERP:

1. Improve your data management
When a new customer's information is entered into Salesforce, similar data is automatically used for financial services, performance management, and other business functions.

2. Benefit from real-time and error-free performance
By integrating SAP and Salesforce, you eliminate the need for double data entry, saving you time and effort for cost and invoice generation for your customers. Connecting SAP and Salesforce reduces data redundancy and errors that are common in manual data entry.

3. Handle orders in real-time
When a new opportunity is closed in Salesforce CRM, the order details are automatically entered into the ERP system; optimizing the entire opportunity-to-order process.

4. Increase cash flow
Salesforce's integration with SAP has proven to easily identify and send alerts when overdue accounts are detected, assisting businesses in optimizing their cash flow system. Financial managers can gain insights into recognizing revenues ahead of schedule, resulting in a faster meeting of monthly financial goals.

5. Increase ROI
Leveraging the number of functionalities available by integrating the Salesforce platform with SAP, has been shown to improve the effectiveness of your business processes by providing cloud-based agility across your entire business system environment.

Integration between Salesforce and SAP can be a challenge and often requires a custom solution. Advantco’s Salesforce adapter eliminates the challenge of integrating SAP and Salesforce by using your existing SAP framework for seamless and reliable integration. The Advantco Salesforce adapter is fully integrated with SAP allowing you to keep your existing SAP workflows and business processes. Connections can be configured, managed, and monitored using the standard SAP Process Orchestration & SAP Integration Suite (formerly CPI) tools. This deploy-and-run integration solution is more cost-effective(best practices, adaptable to many business use cases, less maintenance, future-proof) than custom integration and comes with Advantco first-class support and Salesforce integration expertise.


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TOP 5 Advantages of Salesforce and SAP Integration

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