SFDC Adapter for SAP SDI

In a competitive landscape, businesses need an edge that will help them succeed. Integrating SAP, the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, with Salesforce.com (SFDC), a leader in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), can play a large role in helping businesses gain that competitive edge by improving collaboration between Marketing, Sales and Support.


 The Advantco SFDC Adapter for SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI) batch loads and/or replicates changed data in real-time from Salesforce.com to the SAP HANA tables.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Easy Configuration & Setup
  • Virtual Table as a Source
  • SQL Query Execution: Translates SQL Statement in HANA Syntax into SOQL Syntax and Converts Data from Salesforce into HANA Datatypes
  • Supports Execute INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statement on a virtual table: Translates SQL Statement in HANA syntax into a corresponding SOAP Call
  • Real-Time Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • Handles Authentication with Salesforce
  • Session Reuse Mechanism
  • Supports TLS 1.2 and higher
  • Adjusts Communication Method Dynamically Based on Data Volume to Achieve Best Performance
  • SFDC Adapter Handles QueryLocator Results
  • Supports SOAP/BULK API

The SFDC Adapter for SDI makes the remote data available in HANA: Query on Virtual Table.  The Adapter allows users to INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE Salesforce objects by executing INSERT/UPDATE/DELTE statement on a virtual table.  It also provides 1:1 Realtime Replication, just copy data Salesforce 1:1 HANA.

With the Advantco SFDC for SAP HANA SDI, it is possible to pull Salesforce data directly into your HANA tables. This eliminates the need for workaround solutions using intermediate databases, saving you significant time and effort.

Contact Us if you are interested in obtaining more information about our the Adapter or arranging a free trial.

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Mar 01,2019
It just works....
Due to the integration of Salesforce Sales Cloud into our mainly SAP based system landscape we needed to find a proper solution to transfer data from Salesforce to SAP BW. We have found the Advantco Adapter und it just works perfect. Apart from that the provided support and quickness in responding to requests is the best we have ever seen! Great solution, great people!
Nov 21,2018
Excellent adapter
we use this adapter to load data from salesforce to a SAP HANA database. It works perfect. The help and technical support of advantco is excellent!