Secure Connection Kit (SCK)


Feeling confident about the information one sends through a business's secure Internet connection is not a privilege-it's a right.  Anyone using technology today should be able to interact and exhchange information, as well as do business with complete confidence, even if you do not have NetWeaver PI.  That confidence comes from the Advantco Secure Connection Kit (SCK).  The Advantco SCK allows users to encrypt/decrypt data either in transit or while it is being stored without having SAP NetWeaver PI.  The SCK sends data files securely and reliably using SFTP as the communication protocol and can be installed on Unix or Windows servers with minimal hardware requirements.  It provides a user interface for easy configuration and monitoring of data exchange between your systems and your partner's SFTP servers.

The Advantco SCK can be used with the Advantco SFTP and PGP Solutions to provided the best end-to-end solution in secure data exchange.  These three tools allow you to communicate with all of your business partners, vendors, and customers using numerous security protocols (secure channel, encryption/decryption of data, data compression authentication, digital signatures, etc.) within applications or batch processes.  The Advantco SCK Solution comes with feature-rich tools and excellent customer support.

Key features and benefits provided by Advantco SCK include:

  • Protects customer and business data from unauthorized users throughout its lifecycle: in storage, in transit, and during access
  • Automates 128-bit minimum PGP encryption, compression, digital signing, data integrity, and authentication for consistent data security
  • Secures files sizes over 4GB
  • Conserves bandwidth, improves transfer speed, reduces transfer cost, and provides efficient usage of storage space with built-in compression (up to 50 percent)
  • Eliminates need for expensive leased lines with inexpensive secure Internet transfer for any protocol
  • Generates, disables, re-enables, revokes keys and changes trust criteria with “key” management
  • Provides non-repudiation using electronic signatures so a sender cannot deny a file was sent
  • Provides APIs for easy integration with applications and processes
  • Automates data protection without user interaction for consistent security
  • Provides support for self-decryption (SDA) and other archives to enable data-sharing with business partners and others who do not have encryption installed
  • Simplifies Management and Ease of Use
  • Uses simple commands to make securing data with encryption easy, eliminating implementation errors and reducing maintenance
  • Provides a simplified installation process for setting up multiple servers from a single console, enabling you to get up and running in just a few hour
  • Maps into your existing business processes, eliminating the need for additional gateway
  • Enables “key” management and configuration of EBS servers via the network or the web allows you to implement and manage multiple EBS servers from any location through a single console.

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