AMQP Adapter For SAP NetWeaver® PI/PO

 SAP Certified Solution for Reliable Business Messaging 

The AMQP specification, an OASIS standard, promotes a vendor-neutral and platform-agnostic messaging protocol that provides companies an easier, more secure way to exchange real-time data streams and business transactions. AMQP ensures information is safely and efficiently transported between applications across distributed cloud computing environments and mobile infrastructures. By avoiding proprietary technologies, AMQP has the potential to lower the cost of enterprise middleware software integrations through open interoperability.

AMQP is being used to connect critical systems in Banking and Finance Industries, Telecommunications, Defense, Manufacturing, Internet and Cloud Computing, and many additional market segments.

The main reasons enterprises chose AMQP over proprietary alternatives:

  • Realization of the savings commoditization brings; remove vendor lock-in
  • Connection of applications on different platforms; choose the right platform for the job
  • Connection to business partners using a full-featured open standard; remove technical barriers to trade
  • Positioning for innovations built upon the foundation of AMQP

Why Advantco AMQP Adapter for SAP PI/PO & SCPI?

Advantco AMQP Adapter was designed with the following main characteristics as goals: Security, Reliability, Interoperability, Standard and Openness.  The advantage to the Advantco AMQP Adapter is that the Adapter is fully integrated with the SAP Adapter Framework, which means the AMQP connections can be configured, managed and monitored using the standard SAP PI & SCPI tools. With SAP scalability and stability, Advantco AMQP Adapter ensures the highest level of availability for any hosted AMQP integration.

Technical Capabilities and Product Specifications

  • Integration with SAP NetWeaver®: The adapter is built on the SAP NetWeaver® Adapter Framework
  • Easy and quick installation by importing a SWCV transport (.tpz) into the Integration Repository/Enterprise Service Builder and deploying the J2EE software archive (SDA or SCA) via the J2EE SDM/JSPM.
  • Integration with SAP NetWeaver® Runtime Workbench and SAP NetWeaver® J2EE Logging/Tracing. Supporting SAP NetWeaver PI 7.5, PI 7.4, PI/PO 7.3EHP1, PI 7.3, PI 7.1EHP1, PI 7.1, PI 7.0EHP1, PI 7.0, & SCPI.
  • Acting as AMQP clients compliant with AMQP 0-8, 0-9, 0-9-1, 0-10 and 1.0 protocol versions. Supporting both AMQP consuming and producing functionalities.
  • Providing flexible conversion between XML and JSON formats

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