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SFTP, or secure FTP, is a method of transferring files over a secure, encrypted connection. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in clear text over the public network. The security in SFTP comes through its integration with SSH, which provides an encrypted transport layer over which the SFTP commands are executed.

Advantco SFTP Adapter is certified integration for SAP NetWeaver®. It is a native JCA Adapter which plugs into the existing J2EE Adapter Framework of SAP PI. The adapter works like the standard SAP PI/PO FTP adapter and offers the same content conversion functionality, but instead uses SSH to encrypt the file transfer.

Advantco SFTP Adapter also complies with FIPS 140-2 standard for use by the US and Canadian governments, as well as other regulated industries (such as financial and health-care institutions), to obtain the required security for data transfer.

Authentication Methods

Advantco SFTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® offers different methods of authentication:

  • User and Password
  • User and public/private key
  • User and public/private key plus pass phrase

Communication Protocols

In terms of SSH/SFTP communication, Advantco SFTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® supports the following:

  • SSH2 protocol
  • SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) – version 0, 1, 2, 3

Native Integration with SAP NetWeaver®

Advantco SFTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® is native integration with the NetWeaver Adapter Framework. The deployment can be done through the SAP J2EE SDM with one transport into the Integration Directory of SAP PI.

Supported SAP NetWeaver® PI/PO Versions

Advantco SFTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® is compatible with PI 7.0, PI 7.0 EHP1, PI 7.1, PI 7.1 EHP1, PI 7.3, PO 7.31, PI 7.4, & PI 7.5.

Optional Secure Connection Kit

Advantco SFTP Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® comes with an optional Secure Connection Kit (SCK). With the SCK, organizations have an end-to-end encryption solution to protect their confidential information at all times, while stored or in transit. It allows organizations exchange secure data among branch offices, vendors, and business partners.


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Aug 29,2012
Great Product for SFTP - Seamless Integration @ Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
This product has aligned our strategies of seamless integration where we have cut down multihop process to one single development environment of PI. I have known Advantco for many many years - Great people to work with and always ready to help and support any implementation.
Apr 03,2012
The Advantco SFTP adapter has worked well at NCDOT
Advantco's SFTP adapter has worked well in our PI landscape at North Carolina Department of Transportation. A few highlights for us have been: 1. SFTP adapter installation into PI system was quick and easy. No issues. 2. SFTP adapter (Sender and Receiver) worked well. 3. Adapter logs blended well with the standard SAP AE audit logs. We recommend this adapter.
Oct 07,2011
Advantco SFTP Adapter
SABMiller chose the SFTP Adapter from Advantco to meet our need to integrate securely with 3rd Party providers and also to meet other integration requirements. We are using it now on PI 7.1 SP11 with no issues. The installation, configuration and deployment of the adapter was straightforward and well-documented. The product is performing well and meeting all our needs. Our experience with Advantco has been excellent - the team there have been very responsive and supportive to any requests for assistance we have had , both pre- and post-install, and their customer service is excellent, showing good understanding for our position at all times and working with us to get best use out of the product. We would recommend the product and the company without reservation based on our experiences so far.
Jun 14,2011
SFTP adapter
Gebr. Heinemann
The installation and deployment was quite easy and well described in the documentation. The first szenarios with the adapter are runninf and the interfaces are working very stabile and performant. In case of problems, the logging in quit helpful. The configuration was very easy and also well described in the documentation. The support if Advantco solved some tickets we had at the beginning within 3 hours ;-) They are always very quick in terms of reaction time and competence. Im summary i can recommend the sftp adapter without restriction of any kind. Thorsten Düvelmeyer / PI architect
Jun 08,2011
Advantco SFTP and PGP Adapters
Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins has greatly benefited from the use of the Advantco SFTP and PGP adapters. We needed to retire our current scripts for PGP encryption and also find a SFTP client that worked seamlessly with SAP PI 7.1. We did evaluations of different third party products. Once we got into the evaluations we noticed that the Advantco documentation was excellent and on issues, some caused by us, the onboarding support was fantastic. Next, we gave a review for the Advantco PGP Solution, which needed a face lift and within the next release they met and exceeded the enhancements that were requested. They followed up to make sure they met our requirements and to get more feedback. We had a development question a few months after we went live with their solutions and their ticket system was easy to use. Again we got immediate feedback to help solve our issue. It also helped to insure that we had an integrated solution that gave another layer of encryption security for data and transmissions. We have successfully required and deployed the use of asymmetric keys to meet our strict requirements. I have no problems rating it 5 stars. Mich Wilhelmi / Systems Engineer for SAP PI
Jun 01,2011
Advantco SFTP Adapter
At JCrew we needed a SFTP solution for integration with 3rd Party providers and other specific requirements. We did a thorough evaluation of the solutions available for the same and chose Advantco SFTP Adapter. We are glad we did because right from the start we found that they not only had a great Product but also a great Support team backing their product. The Adapter was tested intensively to make sure it not only fulfills our requirements but also is able to perform all the tasks a standard SAP provided ftp adapter can perform like content conversion, integrated administration through RWB, using different File encoding etc. Installation was a breeze, documentation is detailed, the SFTP adapter works without any issues and their Support is A++.
May 25,2011
Fiserv has greatly benefited from the use of the Advantco SFTP and PGP adapters. The configuration steps, key management and other options are self explanatory and easy to use. Also the Advantco documentation and process logs are detailed and informative. Advantco's customer service is very impressive! Eric Wright / PI Lead
Apr 06,2011
Advantco SFTP Adapter
Amtrak purchased Advantco’s SFTP Adapter and PGP Solution to meet our Data Exchange Security requirements. Advantco is truly dedicated to providing premium solutions as well as professional and attentive client care. We are glad that we chose Advantco
Jan 19,2011
Advantco SFTP Adapter
Installation and deployment was quite easy. Orange is using this ADAPTER since more than 1 year and the adpater bring a lot of stability to our process. ADVANTCO have been always very supportive and competent in each question we may have. Eric Refine / ERP Manager Orange
Nov 02,2010
Advantco SFTP Adapter
The installation and deployment of the SFTP (PI 7.1) adapter was straight forward and easy to complete. The adapter has met all our requirements and is performing well. We are very pleased with the product and its performance. Additionally, the technical support team at Advantco is excellant. They were very quick and responsive in helping us troubleshoot two different issues. I might add both of these issues were the result of network and security problems and were not even product related. Brian Busse / Sun Products Corporation
May 04,2010
Advantco SFTP Adapter
Public Services Enterprise Group
The installation, deployment and configuration of SFTP adapter was very convenient for many interfaces that we developed for Business partners on the SFTP side.The adapter really fits all the requirement for SFTP transmissions, Would strongly recommend for any enterprise. Anubhav Raj/Public Services Enterprise Group
Dec 29,2009
Advantco SFTP Adapter & PGP Module
Schering Plough
The products (sFTP and PGP adapters) are easy to install and to use, thanks to their smooth integration within the NetWeaver J2EE stack. But beside this, Advantco is providing a real commitment to support their customers cleverly and with swiftness in case of exotic requests arising in some projects. Good products and stellar support were the driven factors that made us pick Advantco to fulfill our sFTP and PGP requirements in an heavily validated Health care environment. Gaetan Nys Intervet / Schering Plough / Merck
May 12,2009
Advantco SFTP Adapter
We are using the SFTP Adapter from Advantco on PI 7.1 service pack 7. The installation and setup was seamless and painless. Once installed the adapter itself is very intuitive and most integrations can be done without reading the instructions (which by the way are very well written). I confidently recommend this product and company. Devlin Rambo Sempra Energy
Dec 10,2008
Advantco SFTP Adapter
We use the SFTP Adapter since more than one year , now also in Version 3.0 for PI 7.1. Communication and Data Transfer works perfect. We migrated all SFTP Scripts to SFTP Adapter. Its features fullfill our requirements in its entirety. We are confident with the product and recommend it.