REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® PI/PO

 Advantco REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver®
(PI 7.0, PI 7.1, PI 7.3, PO 7.31, PI 7.4, and PI 7.5)


Web Services are the key point of integration for different applications belonging to different platforms, languages and systems. The two common approaches for interfacing with the web via APIs are REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). REST, an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems, can be executed on any client or server that has HTTP/HTTPS, while SOAP requires dedicated server programs (producer of data) and client programs (consumer of data) for data exchange. REST permits many different data formats whereas SOAP only permits XML. REST supports JSON and Atom. which are part of the OData web protocol.


Since REST is based on standard HTTP/HTTPS, it is the ideal protocol for consumption by light-weight devices such as smartphones, tablets, and web-based applications such as Facebook, twitter, Amazon or ebay. Creating clients to consume REST services is much easier to develop, and most enterprise services can be built using REST instead of the more complicated SOAP protocol.

The Advantco REST Adapter for SAP Netweaver PI enables system integration between SAP and Non-SAP back-end systems with applications on smartphones and tablets or other web-based applications. It allows for fast and efficient data exchange with minimal network bandwidth. Combining the proven SAP Netweaver PI capabilities - such as message transformation, dynamic routing and reliable messaging - with the Advantco REST Adapter for SAP Netweaver PI broadens the field of applications and devices that benefit from enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).


The advantage to the Advantco REST Adapter for SAP Netweaver PI is that the Adapter is fully integrated with the Adapter Framework, which means the REST interfaces can be configured, managed and monitored using the standard SAP PI tools. With SAP PI scalability and stability, the Advantco REST Adapter for SAP Netweaver PI ensures the highest level of availability for any hosted REST services.

Both SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP NetWeaver Process Integration can provision RESTful services to SAP backend applications. Review the article Gateway or Process Integration – which is the Right Tool for the Job? written by William Li of SAP Labs LLC to gain some of the information to help a company in making the business decision during the evaluation process.

Key Benefits 

  • Provide simple implementation for hosting and consumption of the REST services based on SAP PI SOA architecture
  • Supports JSON simplified integration with web-based client application
  • Endorses Open Data Protocol (OData), a Web protocol for querying and updating data using Web technologies such as HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON to provide access to information from a variety of applications
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous REST services
  • Provides flexible conversion from XML to JSON or JSON to XML
  • Incorporates OAuth authentication protocol

Native Integration with SAP NetWeaver®

Advantco REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® is native integration with the NetWeaver Adapter Framework. The deployment is handled by the SAP J2EE Adapter Engine, and it can be configured as part of the Integration Builder.

Supported SAP NetWeaver® PI Versions

Advantco REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® is compatible with PI 7.0, PI 7.0 EHP1, PI 7.1, PI 7.1 EHP1, PI 7.3, PO 7.31, PI 7.4, and PI 7.5.


Advantco REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® is available now.


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Jan 14,2019
Very Prompt and Responsive Technical Support and an Excellent Software Product
We had a critical project need to implement receiver REST with OAuth 2.0 with specific ways to send the JSON request and to handle the REST response. We were able to implement using the Advantco REST adapter, but could not with the SAP REST adapter. The implementation took place during the year-end holidays and we needed immediate help to keep things moving. The Advantco Tech Support and specifically Victor Phan from Tech Support provided prompt and to-the-point help, with clear documentation and syntax samples. We needed help thrice on different topics, and each time, the response we received was within 24 hours!
Oct 25,2018
Superior product and very good support
We have older version of PI product which natively does not support REST connectivity, so we looked for various REST Adapter products and selected Advantco maily for their suprior product, reputation and support during our POC. The whole process of evaluation, POC and production implementation was very smooth and very satisfied with Advantco team. We also looked for compatibility of the product if we had to upgrade in later years. The Adapter documentation was very comprehensive and helps for any trouble shooting.
Sep 06,2018
Excellent REST adapter and support
Advantco REST adapter covered all of our requirements - easy installation, ready to develop, quick support and OAuth 2.0 authentication. Installation was very easy and we were able to interface test files within few hours. Product support has been fast and very insightful of the JSON and XML translations.
Apr 17,2018
Very good product
We have requirements to develop more and more REST API interfaces in our company, having PI 7.31 and not planning for any upgrade soon was becoming an issue, We decided to give a try to Advantco REST Adapter and we are pleased with the results. It's easy to use, allows for OAuth 2.0 authentication and I like using the REST Adapter Workbench for my unit testing to convert json to XML. Product support is great, we get answers quickly. I recommend this adapter!
Apr 11,2018
Nice product with good support
Advantco REST adapter is a reasonably good product in the market with the variety of provisions provided for implementation like OAuth 2.0 feature supports a number of methods to get the token at the header in a double synchronous call, unlike SAP Rest adapter. and in its recent update, it has got handy support for pagination just like SAP Rest adapter.
Feb 23,2018
Great product and first class customer support
We are using more and more RESTFul service interfaces in our company, and the REST adapter from Advantco really a perfect product to fit into our needs. I work from China, and I can always get a response from Advantco support team who is base in US the nest working day to the day I submit my questions. The team is quick in response, strong in technical area, really helpful in out tight project schedule. Advantco is sure to be a valuable and stable partner to us! Looking forward to more and more cooperation with them!
Feb 07,2018
Awesome Customer Service / Product
We had some issue/question which was resolved within hours when i contact Advantco customer Service. Not only Customer Service but Product Manager who was working with US, helped a Lot. It's great to have a provider so responsive and effective throughout Project life cycle. ~Puneet Aggarwal
Dec 06,2017
Great Customer Support
We had some questions about REST Adapter and CryptoLib for our SAP upgrade, we got the reponse very quick and helpful.
Mar 30,2017
Enterprise Integration Management, IT Service Delivery, ITC
Enabling REST capability on our On-Premise middleware technology (SAP PI) has allowed us to rewrite current integrations that were built on our legacy middleware. It has helped us achieve our key value objectives – 1. Realize Integration Target Architecture with full capabilities including API 2. Simplifying our Integration Tool footprint 2. Agility & Time to Value Getting started with Advantco's REST was seamless from ease of installation to its usability. It fits perfectly into SAP's adapter framework. No additional training was necessary for our development team in order to start building internal and external facing interface solutions based on REST. Advantco's team is more willing to support our needs with their integration relevant products. It's great to have a provider so responsive and effective!
Dec 14,2016
Awesome REST Adapter & Responsive Support
HD Supply
We have now been using the Advantco REST Adapter for over 4 years at HD Supply and find it to be a feature rich solution that satisfies all of our requirements. Advantco Support is always quick to respond to any questions and we have enjoyed working with them. I am happy to give 5-Stars to both the Adapter and the Support Team.
Aug 01,2016
Great Product
Advantco REST Adapter was used by Weill Cornell Medical College to implement multiple technical solutions. It’s easy to configure with help of excellent technical documentation. Support team is great.
Mar 25,2015
Excellent Product & Support
One of our high profile projects at Novartis required REST WS. Advantco REST Adapter provides easy configuration and implementation. The support is awesome and we always receive prompt responses.
Jul 03,2014
Easy to Use Adapter!
Our first web service integration was going to require us to build 20 REST communication channels. Because of tight project deadlines we needed to find a REST solution which would be quick to install and easy to learn, especially for those of us with no prior web serviceexperience. We found exactly what we were looking for in the Advantco REST adapter. The clear and concise documentation had us developingin no time and also served as an excellent reference during testing. On the occasion we needed to contact their support, they were extremely knowledgeable and responsive. We are now implementing our 3rd REST WS project and this product still is impressive with all its functionality and versitility. This adapter has become a key tool in our PI toolkit.
Jul 13,2013
Awesome product, company, and support!!
As Executive Consultant at CGI, I have recently used Advantco REST on a project where SAP PI was acted as an Information Bus to orchestrate RESTful Web Services. The Advantco REST adapter was acquired to bridge SAP PI's REST/JSON functionality gap. The REST adapter was a very solid and reliable PI add-on - ease of installation and implementation. Performance was also superb. Solely from REST/JSON functionality point of view, Advantco REST was already a 5-star product. But what have impressed me the most was Advantco's customer service and technical know-how. There were incidents where we have faced some technical roadblock. Advantco's technical team was always there to assist, promptly and professionally, in solving our issues. Love to work with Advantco and deeply admire their customer-centric culture. Thumb up for Advantco and its REST Adapter.
May 16,2013
Advantco Adapters add value to PI
Nu Skin
We at Nu Skin use P/I (7.1) for high transaction load scenarios. Our enterprise includes many technologies and partners using both SOAP and REST services. Our preference is often REST because of its ease of use and quick implementation in many environments. The out-of-the-box HTTP plain adapter is not sufficient, nor does it match our enterprise architectural guidelines for REST services. We purchased the REST adapter, and it is meeting our expectations. It simplified and sped up our interface development for those interfaces in this category. In addtion our web content team prefers to work with JSON and not XML. This tool makes it very easy to do. Any current SOAP interface can be made into a REST / JSON interface in a few minutes. The documentation is very well done, and anyone with P/I experience can work directly from it with little or no training. More advanced tasks with mapping and channel configuration have required some support questions, but the response has been very quick. The REST adapter when installed was missing some very important features for us. These were reported and were added very quickly. I have found this company to be one of the most responsive with which I have worked. It is refreshing to not spend hours searching SDN for solutions, but rather working with a company who supplies and supports and adapter. The only issue we have found is JSON messages that cannot be converted to XML coming into P/I cannot be handled easily and require some advanced techniques to handle. When the message is returned from P/I we have found it is easy to use a template. The next feature we need is for the adapter to build a post body for us instead of using a template. I would also recommend the PGP and SFTP adapters. They are very good and a must have in your P/I tool set.
Mar 31,2012
B2B adapters portfolio completed with REST adapter
We at Heinemann needed several additional B2B adapters for our PI 7.1.1 system. It was very important for us to have one strategic adapter partner instead of many suppliers. So we did a market analysis and found Advantco with a working solution for AS2, SFTP & REST. All adapters were very easy to implement and have an intuitive monitoring with detailed information. The documentation was very helpful during the setup. Beyond that the support also answers very quick and in an excellent quality. For the REST adapter we needed additional functionality (a polling mode and NTLM v2 proxy authentication), what was added very prompt to the adapter. In the future we plan to establish a RESTful order manager based on the Advantco adapter.