WS Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® PI/PO



As Web services are deployed broadly across enterprise boundaries and for collaborative e-business and e-transaction scenarios, message reliability becomes a critical issue. This is because communication over the Internet (and Intranets) is inherently unreliable, as on transport protocol level like HTTP or SMTP, guaranteed or ordered message delivery cannot be assured. Reliable Web services messages guarantee that messages will be delivered to the receiver, even in the presence of component, system, or network failures. If a message can't be reliably delivered, then the sending system will be informed of the failure.

The Web services Reliable Messaging specification (WS-ReliableMessaging or WS-RM) addresses the need for reliable message exchange in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Implementing these applications using the reliable Service Oriented Architecture provides the benefits of interoperability, versioning, security, and transport independence.

WS-RM provides the protocol elements necessary for reliable message exchange. Based on the SOAP processing model, it is designed to compose seamlessly with application messages, creating efficient, reliable application protocols.


WS-Reliability supports:

  • Guaranteed delivery at least once - the sent message must be delivered at the receiver or else a notification of potential delivery failure is given to the sender
  • Duplicate elimination - delivery at most once - duplicates are detected and eliminated by the receiver
  • Guaranteed message ordering - messages are delivered in the order sent

Key features and benefits provided by WS Adapter include:

  • Native integration with SAP NetWeaver PI
  • Certified integration with SAP NetWeaver® PI
  • Support WS-ReliableMessaging
  • Support SAML
  • Integrate with SAP Web service runtime

Technical Capabilities and Product Specifications

  • Integration with SAP NetWeaver®: The adapter is built on the SAP NetWeaver® Adapter Framework. Easy and quick installation by importing a SWCV transport (.tpz) into the Integration Repository/Enterprise Service Builder and deploying the J2EE software archive (SDA or SCA) via the J2EE SUM. Integration with SAP NetWeaver® Runtime Workbench and SAP NetWeaver® J2EE Logging/Tracing. Supporting SAP NetWeaver PI/PO 7.3EHP1, PI 7.4, and PI 7.5
  • Consumption and provision of WS-RM web services with SAP Process Orchestration.
  • Integrated monitoring of the SAP PI framework and Web service Runtime.

WS was designed with the following main characteristics as goals:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Interoperability
  • Standard
  • Open