Advantco AMQP Adapter for SAP PI


AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) is an open standard application layer protocol for message-oriented middleware.
AMQP is comprised of several layers. The lowest level defines an efficient, binary, peer-to-peer protocol for
transporting messages between two processes over a network. Above this, the messaging layer defines an
abstract message format, with concrete standard encoding. Every compliant AMQP process MUST be able to
send and receive messages in this standard protocol.
SAP PI supports Java Message Service (JMS) which is a robust and widely supported protocol for reliable messaging on the JAVA platform. However, JMS is not a perfect solution for cross-platform interoperability as most implementations relied on proprietary protocols. It is important to understand that JMS is a standard messaging API for the JAVA platform while AMQP provides messaging protocol for cross-platform interoperability. In other words, it doesn’t require to deploy vendor specific libraries as with the case of the JMS adapter. The Advantco AMQP adapter allows integration between SAP PI and any AMQP implementation across different platforms without complex deployments. The advantages of AMQP over JMS:

- AMQP talks to exchange not directly to queue like JMS, then an exchange will forward the message to the queue.
- AMQP Can achieve high performance & support long-lived messaging.
- AMQP increases loose coupling and scalability.



The Advantco AMQP Adapter for SAP PI/PO allows both message publishing as well as message consumption with SAP PI/PO. In the sender channel, SAP PI/PO will act as an AMQP message consumer while on the receiver channel side, SAP PI can send messages to an exchange. The AMQP Adapter enables SAP PI to be a cross-platform messaging integration platform that would lower the burdens to integrate with internal or external platforms across heterogeneous platforms. The Advantco AMQP Adapter works with any AMQP compliant broker system.

Key features:
–  Fully integrate with SAP PI Adapter Framework, Alert Framework and Monitoring.

-  The AMQP adapter supports both version 1.0 & 0.9.x
– The AMQP adapter can be used to send and to receive messages from any AMQP-compliant broker.

– Simplify conversion between XML and JSON with built-in Content Conversion

– SAP Certification.

– Duplicate Message checking

– Available for SAP PI 7.1, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5

Key advantages:
– Simplify SAP PI messaging with any AMQP broker.
– No vendor specifc libraries are required which will lower test and maintenance costs.

Advantco AMQP Adapter for SAP PI-1


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