A Home Improvement Retailer Selects Advantco Google Platform Adapter

A leader in the home improvement retail industry has selected Advantco’s Google Cloud Platform Adapter to facilitate their integration efforts across SAP Process Orchestration (PO) and Google Cloud Platform.

The Advantco GCP Adapter streamlines the implementation process across business environments, providing customers with an easy way to synchronize data between business processes. This integration improves connectivity, visibility and business operations, optimizes organizational resources, and elevates business decisions.

This global retailer established a Proof of Concept to connect SAP PO to pull data from Google Cloud Pub/Sub and map this data into back-end SAP.

Cloud Pub/Sub is a global messaging and data ingestion system, supporting the foundation for analytics and machine learning. By pulling data from Google Cloud Pub/Sub and feeding it into back-end SAP, the organization enables integrated data flow across different business environments for processing, storage and analysis.

In addition to mapping data from pub/sub, this adapter served two other major functions:

    1. Content conversion from JSON to XML
    2. Managing a high volume of load of 500,000+ transactions per hour

Using the Advantco GCP Adapter to integrate SAP and GCP environments streamlines the implementation process by providing the customer with an out-of-the-box solution, fully supported by SAP experts.