Industry Leader in Internet Services Adopts Advantco GCP Adapter


A global leader within the internet-related services selected Advantco to integrate their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services with their SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (PO) 7.5 landscape.

Integration of GCP services with other applications is a complex set of procedures and requires time, training and development. Still, this effort is rewarding and improves connectivity, visibility, and business operations through the shared data across cloud-based applications.

The Advantco Google Cloud Platform Adapter streamlines this integration process by creating a product specifically for GCP services and business services. This adapter has been developed and tested on SAP PI/PO and reduces training and development efforts, implements the APIs, and improves overall integration.

This industry leader leverages the Google Cloud Platform Adapter for two major functions:

    1. To send data from SAP business processes to Google Cloud Storage

By integrating their Cloud Storage with SAP business functions, the adapter exchanged data within on-premise applications and storage space hosted in the Google Cloud Platform. Through the Advantco adapter, users can transfer data from SAP to Cloud Storage and retrieve it again easily.

    2. To integrate data between back-end SAP processes and Google Cloud Pub/Sub

This service with the GCloud adapter integrates their data from SAP processes to Cloud Pub/Sub to execute analytics and support machine learning in real-time.

Merging business applications with GCP products is a complicated, resource-consuming process. Advantco mitigates these challenges through building a customized Google Cloud Platform (GCloud) Adapter to integrate between SAP and services provided on the GCP.