Advantco’s Google Cloud Platform Adapter - Integrating SAP with GCP

A blog published within the SAP Community highlights the different ways Advantco’s Google Cloud Platform Adapter facilitates integration between GCP and SAP environments.

Advantco’s Adapter overcomes the challenges faced when merging business applications with GCP products and provides a fully-supported, seamlessly integrated solution for your own business needs.

The Adapter facilitates integration with SAP and GCP Tools:

  •   Cloud Storage
  •   Cloud DataStore
  •   Cloud BigQuery
  •   Cloud Pub/Sub
  •   Cloud Spanner
  •   Cloud Dataflow
  •   Google Drive

Global leaders within internet-related services leverages the Google Cloud Platform Adapter for major organizational functions including

  1. To send data from SAP business processes to Google Cloud Storage
  2. To integrate data between back-end SAP processes and Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  3. To convert data structures from JSON to XML
  4. To manage a high volume of load -- over half a million transactions per hour