SAP Hybris Integration with Salesforce

SAP Marketing Cloud Integration with Salesforce

SAP Hybris Integration with Salesforce

Integrate seamlessly the Marketing Processes of your company with the Sales Processes of SFDC and leverage business value by non-silo approaches.

SAP Hybris Integration with Salesforce
SAP Hybris Integration with Salesforce  SAP Endorsed Apps

Business Challenges

  • Bring marketing data and sales documents in a context
  • Leverage context of marketing/sales relevant information for predictive analytics
  • Ensure seamless business process integration without disruption

Business Benefits

  • Out of the box SalesForce technical integration
  • Cross LoB Marketing/Sales business process integration
  • Integration Monitoring by SAP Cloud Platform
  • Safeguarding of SFDC investment
  • Incorporates the best practices in integration
  • Pre-build scenarios to help accelerate your integration use cases

This integration package enables you to easily integrate business processes between Salesforce Sales Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud.

It provides you with the following three pre-configured process integrations:

  • Replication of Salesforce Accounts to SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Replication of Salesforce Contacts to SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Automated handover of Marketing qualified leads from SAP Marketing Cloud to Salesforce Sales Cloud

This integration packages helps you to implement the SAP Marketing Cloud Integration with Salesforce by a step by step procedure:

  1. Set up connectivity between SAP Marketing Cloud and Salesforce
  2. Configure Data mapping by templates for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities

In addition, the package can be extended with custom fields.

Return on investment

  • Jump-start integration projects and quickly go-live with business integration scenarios
  • Deliver value faster by applying prepackaged graphical integration flows and mappings
  • Integrate processes and data in real time, mediated and bidirectional
  • Tested and validated solution
  • Save time, effort and money by using this package as an accelerator