Web Services Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration



SAP Process Orchestration is available for awhile and it has been proven a solid integration platform with extended capabilities for process modeling, operation, and monitoring capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM). Having working with SAP PO for more than a year, my personal feeling is that it is a very powerful platform although I do have some challenges to adapt to the new JAVA only environment. Especially understanding how to fit the traditional PI processes into a platform with BPM and BRM was not straightforward.

I do not see many technical challenges to migrate to SAP PO as most traditional PI scenarios can be converted to SAP PO with minimal efforts. However there is one specific scenario that may prevent you to move on. It is the lack of a WS Adapter with SAP Process Orchestration to consume WS-RM web service.

For example, the simple scenario below where one must consume a WS-RM (WS-ReliableMessaging) or provide a WS-RM Web Service, cannot not be easily implemented with SAP Process Orchestration. This blog describes in short two possible options to implement WS-RM integration with SAP Process Orchestration.

Web Services Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration

Option 1: Implement WS-RM call with Java Proxy

One possible solution to consume a WS-RM web service is to implement a Dynamic Web client in your Java Proxy and use the Java Proxy adapter to integrate with your PI process. This option does required very good knowledge with the SAP WS Runtime framework and god JAVA development skills.

Option 2: WS Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration

The Advantco WS Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration is fully integrated adapter with the Adapter Framework and enables both provision and consumption of WS-RM web service calls. The Advantco WS Adapter supports the following critical requirements:

     * Support of SAML authentication

     * Support WS-RM protocol

     * Integration with the Adapter Framework

     * Integration with SAP PO Monitor Framework including Message Monitoring and Sequence Monitoring.

     * SAP Certified.

Web Services Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration

Web Services Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration

Although migrating WS-RM scenarios to SAP Process Orchestration would not be easy, there are possible solutions with different degrees of effort.


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