Apache Pulsar adapter for SAP PO



Apache Pulsar is a cloud-native, multi-tenant, high-performance solution for server-to-server messaging and queuing built on the publisher-subscribe (pub-sub) pattern. Pulsar combines the best features of the traditional messaging system like RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ with those of a pub-sub system like Apache Kafka – scaling up or down dynamically without downtime. It's used by thousands of companies for high-performance data pipelines, microservices, instant messaging.

Apache Pulsar is a distributed, open-source pub-sub messaging and streaming platform for real-time workloads, managing hundreds of billions of events per day. Pulsar is considered as an alternative to Kafka because of the key features below. Advantco Pulsar Adapter enables out of the box integration with Apache Pulsar brokers.
Pulsar Key features:

  • Horizontally scale to hundreds of nodes.
  • Configurable replication between data centers across multiple geographic regions.
  • Seamless scalability to over a million topics.
  • Built from the ground up as a multi-tenant system. Supports isolation, authentication, authorization, and quotas.
  • Write serverless functions with developer-friendly APIs to natively process data immediately upon arrival.
  • Low publish latency (< 5ms) at scale with strong durability guarantees.
  • Multiple subscription types (exclusive, shared, and failover) for topics.



At the highest level, a Pulsar instance is composed of one or more Pulsar clusters. Clusters within an instance can replicate data amongst themselves.
In a cluster:

  • One or more brokers handles and load balances incoming messages from producers, dispatches messages to consumers, communicates with the Pulsar configuration store to handle various coordination tasks, stores messages in BookKeeper instances (aka bookies), relies on a cluster-specific ZooKeeper cluster for certain tasks, and more.
  • A BookKeeper cluster consisting of one or more bookies handles persistent storage of messages.
  • A ZooKeeper cluster specific to that cluster handles coordination tasks between Pulsar clusters.

Apache Pulsar adapter for SAP PO

Source: https://pulsar.apache.org/docs/next/concepts-overview 
Using the Pulsar Manager to visualize the topics available on the broker.

Apache Pulsar adapter for SAP PO_Pic2


Receiver Side: The Advantco Pulsar adapter can be used as a receiver channel to publish messages to a Pulsar topic. In the example below, the Pulsar adapter connects to a topic serviceorder using Kerbores authentication mode.

Apache Pulsar adapter for SAP PO_Pic3

Sender side: The Advantco Pulsar adapter acts as a subscriber to a Pulsar topic. In example below, the Pulsar adapter connects to the topic serviceorder using authentication mode is Token. Depend on Subscription type, the messages are distributed across consumers of the same subscription. For an instance, with subscription type is Shared, the messages are delivered in a round robin distribution across consumers, and any given message is delivered to only one consumer.

Apache Pulsar adapter for SAP PO_Pic4



Integrating with a Pulsar broker poses big challenges to any SAP PO team due to the many technical hurdles that one may encounter. The Advantco Pulsar adapter for SAP PO makes this challenge manageable with having the SAP PO team to be boggled down by the technical complexities of understanding the Pulsar API and authentication modes.



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