Headwave is a leader in the geoscience and geophysics industry and was founded in 2005. The company is privately held and has offices in the United States, Norway and Vietnam. Headwave has developed software, called Headwave 3, a Windows and Linux based product which allows users to better manage research and analytics of datasets and is the company’s latest offering.



The company was confronted with several issues, when it was developing Headwave 3. First and foremost, the most obvious concern was cost and whether or not they leverage their own employee resources or find a comparable team of contractors to build and test the new software. Headwave had geoscience and geophysics experts but less expertise in software development, considering the enormous code base and ever-changing requirements. Headwave was also competing in a very combative industry and there was mounting pressure to exceed their customer’s expectations.



Headwave committed to Advantco/Somotsoft’s offshore team and capitalized on their extraordinary ITO resources, which allowed them to reduce the overall cost of developing the software, themselves. At the same time, Headwave was able to acquire the expertise needed to oversee this undertaking and produce the testing tools, create the prototypes and design a state-of-the-art custom-testing framework, demanded by their customers.



In eighteen months, Advantco/Somotsoft helped develop the third iterative of Headwave 3, a geoscience and geophysics research and analytics software. The product offered the industry an automated ad-hoc testing framework that executes regression test daily and weekly on Windows and Linux. Headwave 3 also reduced turnaround time, extensively and provided external releases, with ease. Not to mention, Headwave 3, has set the company apart in the industry and has enhanced its brand position.



Advantco/Somotsoft provided us with an efficient and scalable workforce that allowed us to further develop a Legacy product into a highly-productive and successful next-generation software. Their development expertise coupled with our experience in geoscience and geophysics, produced terrific results for Headwave and our customers.

Diderich Buch - CEO Headwave