Total End to End Solutions

Advantco is providing total solutions to a global products and services company that has recently completed multiple corporate acquisitions resulting in a need to combine multiple SAP landscapes and legacy systems. The company is running PI 7.1 and PO 7.4. They have a global implementation partner but needed specialized skills in PI/PO implementations and Salesforce integration to assist with a magnitude of challenges.

Our solution set for this project includes:

Advantco On-Site Consultants have been instrumental in:

  • Migrating Oracle Fusion interfaces: these legacy interfaces used extensive XSLT transformations with many Oracle specific libraries. Our team professionally managed the challenge and helped migrate these interfaces to SAP PO without any interruptions to the business.  Also as the Fusion servers run out of support they add additional complexity to the process.
  • BPM Development: Customer's business processes are very dependent on legacy systems that are not SAP centric.  The use of SAP BPM allows company to create services that can easily be combined to create new processes with minimal development efforts.
  • Configuring the Change Management Service to facilitate the transport of PO and BPM development objects across the entire PO landscape.

  • PO Optimization and administration to handle the expected data volume.

  • Alert and interface monitoring so business users across multiple geographical locations can follow their processes end to end with minimal support from technical team.

  • Optimization of Salesforce integration to resolve API metering max: The current implementation consumes too many API calls to Salesforce and brings the integration to a stop once allowed number of calls is exceeded.

Our Off-Site Development Team is assisting with Java development and SAP BPM development.  The Offshore team’s expertise in XSLT and JAVA was critical to migrating the Fusion interfaces in a timely manner. 

The Advantco SFDC Adapter is being used to integrate the customer’s SAP landscape with four different Salesforce instances and to provide a common approach to synchronize data between SAP and Salesforce. 

The Advantco REST Adapter is used to expose REST services to allow the legacy systems to integrate with SAP.  The REST Adapter was also instrumental in the integration with Amazon AWS S3. 


The customer is enjoying savings in time, money and staffing resources through our total solutions as well as less interruptions to their multiple lines of business.