Recall Data Lookup by VIN


In August 2013, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States issued a Final Rule to announce and implement a VIN-based safety recalls search function on its website,, to supplement the make and model year search function currently available. To support this search function, certain light vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers are required to provide certain, discrete information on uncompleted (or “open”) safety recalls based on a given VIN number to NHTSA. The agency will then display this discrete set of information on the website. The information requested and the information returned will be transferred through the RESTful web service described in the Final Rule document and via a programmatic interface. Download the API Technical Specification issued on March 5, 2014 which details the application programming interface (API), the security mechanisms to be used, and the specific data fields to be used and data supplied. Check out Advantco REST Adapter for NetWeaver® PI/PO to see how Advantco helps customers in the automobile industry to meet the government compliance requirements.