Advantco Kafka Adapter Enables Automobile Leader to Use Big Data

Advantco is pleased to announce that a global leaders in the automobile industry selected Advantco’s Kafka Adapter for SAP Process Orchestration (PO) to enable their journey to the enterprise big data platform. The SAP Certified Kafka Adapter provides real-time replication of changed data from SAP tables to the other world through Kafka.

SAP provides the leading ERP solution providing the platform for Production, Quality, Sales, Finance, and Purchase, etc. Apache Kafka is a leader in streaming data and can also manage the 3 Vs (volume, variety and velocity) of Big Data. Advantco’s Kafka adapter addresses all the data ingestion technical requirements laid out.

Ingestion: Stream of data and batch data

High Availability: Data ingestion must be available all the time

Security: Source system must not connect directly to the data zone. Authentication + Data in motion encryption.

Scalability: Number of tables, new data and business processes will increase over time

Advantco’s Kafka Adapter was selected because it is SAP Certified and allows for processing of orders in real time. This provides many benefits including:

  • Support for a variety of security options for encryption and authentication
  • Support for both free-structure payload and Avro-structure payload
  • Configuration for the target topics and how to read streams of data
  • Configuration for polling
  • Adapter Specific Message Attributes
  • Content Conversion

The Advantco Kafka Adapter is fully integrated with the SAP NetWeaver framework. Connections can be configured, managed, and monitored using standard SAP PI/PO tools.