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Google Cloud Platform Adapter from Advantco Now Available...


By integrating with SAP leveraging SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Integration Suite and/or SAP Extension Suite, the...

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Kafka Adapter Now Available on SAP® Store


By integrating with SAP Process Orchestration and SAP NetWeaver® leveraging SAP Integration Suite, the Kafka...

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REST adapter for Netweaver SAP PI

REST (Representational State Transfer) is an software architecture style for designing client-server applications...

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How to Migrate to the Advantco Salesforce Adapter for CPI


SAP has released new OEM adapters for Salesforce, Dynamics 365 CRM and Amazon Web Services....

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Google Cloud Platform Adapter for SAP CPI

The Advantco Google Cloud Platform (GCloud) Adapter is for business users looking for an out-of-the box, SAP...

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BRP Uses Advantco REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver®

BRP Uses Advantco REST Adapter for SAP NetWeaver® for JSON Conversion and Secure Authentication


BRP is a...

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Key User In-App Extensibility


In my previous Blog I shared with you how to set up an SAP S/4HANA Cloud system and enable users to Log-in through...

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Advantco CRM Integration Solutions Case Study

Advantco is providing total solutions to a global products and services company that has recently completed multiple...

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SAP Cloud Platform Integration: Enhancing the application...


SAP Cloud Platform Integration is SAP’s strategic iPaaS offering for connecting to various SAP and non-SAP...

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